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Radio Therapy Health Care : We are all about hoping, healing and recovering

It is said that “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away” but what if you cannot have an apple everyday and you fall sick. This is where we at Radio Therapy Health Care come in and help you back on to your feet.

Radio Therapy Health Care has been set up with the sole purpose of making health care easily available to everyone and assisting all patients with  the best possible remedies to their illness with one of the best teams of medical professionals available.

Passionate Team of Health Care Professionals

One can only do their jobs the best when they are passionate about it and we have spent a lot of time and effort to hire the most passionate professionals who are not only good at their jobs but are one the best in their respective fields. This means that you are in the best possible hands at the time when you are the weakest.

Best Facilities

Very often you see advertisements of clinics saying that they have the best facilities but when you reach there you see that it is a small room filled with people. We at Radio Therapy believe that everyone should be entitled to the best health care service that is why we have actually invested in making sure that we do have the best facilities available at our clinic.

Personalized and Immediate Attention

We understand that each individual is different and thus their needs are also different. Also we strongly believe that the late action amounts to no action. This is the backbone of our service and we take extra care to make sure that every individual is comfortable and that immediate attention is given to everyone.

Everything under one roof

In order to get the correct diagnosis of any ailment one may have to get a number of tests that need to be performed and often all of these tests are available at the same location so you have to run around town to get all the tests completed. This is why we have the capability perform all the necessary tests all under one roof giving you to peace of mind and making Radio Therapy Health Care a one stop solution.

Easy on your wallet

It is our belief that health care should be easily available and affordable for everyone and thus our charges are easy on your wallet. We charge the bare minimum that we need to charge but that does not mean that we compromise on the service and facilities provided. We strive hard to make sure that we can provide everything you hope for and more at a lower price than you thought.

No hassle Insurance Claims

We try and help all out patrons with their insurance claims process as well with all possible help in terms of documentation and reports that can be provided to make the claims process easier for our patrons because we believe that only in helping other people do we truly become rich.

Taking on illness, one patient at a time. Available for you, round the clock.